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Steensen Varming Proudly Sponsor MADE

Steensen Varming proudly sponsor MADE, the Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange by Sydney Opera House.

Honouring the 40th Anniversary of the Opera House and the special relations between Australia and Denmark, the programme promotes international and cross-disciplinary interaction between students of engineering, architecture and design (of the built environment). As well as offering a valuable educational and cultural experiencefor Australian and Danish students, the program will strengthen the cultural and professional links between the two countries that began with Jørn Utzon’s visionary design of the Opera House.

The curriculum will include placement at various engineering and/or architecture firms, including Henning Larsen Architects, to work in a collaborative team on a multidisciplinary project, visit to a performing arts or cultural centre, visit to other significant works of architecture, including works by Jørn Utzon and completion of a collaborative multidisciplinary project designed around the Utzon Design Principles.

Sydney Opera House brought Steensen Varming to Australia and we have been involved in its systems design and maintenance since. We have always held a fundamental belief that a strong vision, supported through an integrated design process, is the key to intelligent, valuable and elegant solutions. Our support of MADE aims to encourage collaborative processes and behaviours, not only in the students themselves, but also in academia and professional practices.

Applications are open until 1 October 2013. The successful Australian applicants will be announced on 25 October 2013, as part of the Opera House 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

Further details on MADE and applications

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