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Electrical Engineering

Modern society could not exist without the control and distribution of electrical power and communications. Electrical services are its arteries and veins – critical to the smooth operation of a contemporary building and its business. They are taken for granted, as long as they function properly, but their complexity is increasing at the same startling rate as technology is developing.

Electrical lifelines range from power generation, supply and infrastructure reticulation to communication networks, security systems, fire safety and vertical transportation. Their design and delivery requires patience and perseverance; liaison with supply authorities, strategic advice on cost and space planning, clear and concise briefings and precise documentation detailing every system powering the building, running the air conditioning, controlling the lighting.

Day-to-day operational provision converges with our long-term outlook where life-cycle cost, energy saving initiatives, efficiency, security and sustainability are key, including planning for interaction with embedded generation and smart grids. We are experienced in complex and challenging projects with a portfolio covering the health, education, defence, residential, commercial, cultural, public, civic and urban design sectors.

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