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Soon to Bloom in Christchurch

We have presented our initial concepts for a new $780,000 lighting project for Christchurch’s historic Botanic Gardens.

Described by the Council Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge as “stand-outs in creating not just light, but an experience”, our design will bring the Gardens to life after dark with the use of creative lighting installations.

The concept presentation in Christchurch offered the Council taste of the lighting design and a discussion of the ideas, also giving the wider public opportunity to provide feedback with images of trials to be displayed within the Gardens.

We will use our global experience from lighting public spaces such as the lighting masterplan for Sydney Opera House to deliver this project, using darkness, as much as light as noted by lead lighting designer, Emrah Baki Ulas “light needs darkness, as darkness needs light” while keeping the main focus on a design that supports a safe, comfortable, enjoyable environment.

Construction of the Gardens lighting project is expected to begin early next year, and be completed before the end of summer 2017. The lighting will be visible from Rolleston Ave and the Canterbury Museum.

Read full Newsline on Christchurch City Council website

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