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shortlisted schmidt hammer lassen architects and architectus state library victoria

Established in 1854, The State Library Victoria in Melbourne is one of Victoria State’s oldest public institutions and Australia’s oldest public library holding a key place in Melbourne’s literary heritage and culture. Referencing the scheduled year of completion, the Vision 2020 Redevelopment will position the Library for the future to continue to provide a place where ideas, learning, culture and creativity are cultivated and ensure a number of developments and new initiatives enhance and expand this internationally recognised facility.

Since our very first commission in 1933 on the Faculty Library of Natural and Health Sciences at University of Copenhagen, Steensen Varming has been involved in some of the world’s most renowned and innovative libraries projects, demonstrating new ways of thinking in how libraries are designed and used, such as the British Library and the recently award-winning Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre.

The Australian-Danish collaboration with schmidt hammer lassen and Architectus is supported by our studios in Sydney and Copenhagen, putting into play some of the world’s best talent and expertise in design solutions, based on shared vision and values. The team is also supported by Melbourne-based Andronas Conservation Architects and Irwin Consult.

Video: Overview of the State Library of Victoria Redevelopment Program

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