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90 Years of Looking Forward: The Sydney Opera House

By the 1970s Steensen Varming had expanded beyond European borders as the Sydney Opera House brought the company to Australia, where we left a lasting impact on this iconic landmark. Collaborating closely with Danish architect Jørn Utzon, Steensen Varming pushed boundaries of engineering excellence and sustainability while staying committed to aesthetic integrity.

By utilizing Sydney harbour’s plentiful water to provide cool air, we enabled the iconic silhouette to remain unit–free – a ground-breaking initiative on a world scale and at the largest system of its kind, making the Opera House a shining example of sustainable design.

Steensen Varming has since kept a close relationship with the Sydney Opera House and over the years been involved in various refurbishments and design projects, including the Lighting Masterplan which was endorsed by Utzon before his death, and most recently the Concert Hall refurbishment.

This year we celebrate Steensen Varming’s 90th anniversary and 50 years of practice in Australia. Aligning with the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House, this serves as a remarkable milestone that highlights our shared history of innovation and collaboration, cementing our dedication to the Opera House’s continued success and preservation.

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