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90 Years of Looking Forward: The British Library

In 1973, the planning, design, and documentation phase of the architectural project for the New British library began. The British Library was the largest public building constructed in the U.K. during the twentieth century and took 23 year to complete. Steensen Varming took on the responsibility of providing engineering services for the 200.000 square metre building complex. This architectural masterpiece was meticulously crafted to consolidate the various components of the British Library, providing a centralized space capable of accommodating approximately 3500 readers, 2500 staff members, and a considerable number of visitors.

The primary objective behind this project was to create an environment which was specifically designed to safeguard and preserve the invaluable collection of 150 million items, housed in the largest building in England.

As The British Library celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we take pride in our involvement and reflect on the immense impact this establishment has had over the past 250 years. It has evolved to be one of the most renowned libraries in the world, attracting an astonishing 1.6 million visitors annually while keeping a goal of becoming the most open, creative and innovative institution of its kind in the world.

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