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90 Years of Looking Forward: St. Thomas’ Hospital

Encouraged by architects such as Sir Basil Spence, in 1957 Steensen Varming’s international expansion continued with the establishment of a London practice. This marked the beginning of a new era of growth and expansion with the first project undertaken by the London practice being the redevelopment of the old St. Thomas’ Hospital, a project on a major scale.

Located near the banks of the River Thames, St. Thomas’ Hospital was first opened in 1871 with 588 beds and the famous Florence Nightingale Nurses’ training school. However, much of the hospital was destroyed during World War II, and in 1957 the development of a new hospital on the site of the original one began.

Steensen Varming was responsible for the design, documentation, contract administration, and supervision of all engineering services related to the St. Thomas’ Hospital redevelopment. Throughout the project, Steensen Varming incorporated sustainable design features such as energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, natural ventilation, and rainwater harvesting, measures which helped reduce the hospital’s energy consumption and minimize its carbon footprint.

Today, St. Thomas’ Hospital is one of London’s most important healthcare providers and has grown to include 840 beds and is celebrated for its specialized services, world-class staff, innovation, and modern facilities.

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