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90 Years of Looking Forward: St Catherine’s College

In 1964, Steensen Varming joined friend and renowned architect Arne Jacobsen in designing the St Catherine’s College in Oxford, England, providing mechanical and electrical engineering services while ensuring our designs aligned with Jacobsen’s vision for the building.

One of our most significant contributions to the project was the design of an innovative heating system that used hot water piped through concrete floors to provide radiant heating throughout the building. This approach represented a significant departure from traditional heating systems and enabled greater energy efficiency while providing more even heating throughout the college.

In addition to our work on the heating system, Steensen Varming also provided lighting design and electrical and services for the college, including the design of power distribution systems, and telecommunications infrastructure.

St Catherine’s College is a stunning example of modern architecture and has since its construction become a popular destination for architecture enthusiasts and visitors to Oxford alike.

Our work on St Catherine’s College is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in construction projects. Our team is proud to have played a crucial role in bringing Jacobsen’s vision to life and having contributed to the creation of a building that is both beautiful and functional.

A few years ago we were able to resume our relationship and work on the design and delivery of the new residential buildings and graduate centre with Purcell which responds to Jacobsen’s original masterplan.

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