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Upcoming: World Engineering Day

In celebration and acknowledgement of Engineering Day, also known as Global Day of the Engineer or World Engineering Day, we would like to recognize the skilled individuals within our organization and honor the contributions of engineers to the world by helping to promote the role of engineering in our modern society. 
Engineering Day was first proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2019, and it aims to celebrate the contributions that engineers make to society and raise awareness of the importance of engineering in addressing global challenges. 
We aim to encourage and inspire the future generation of engineers and in taking a step towards achieving this, we will be publishing a series of interviews leading up to Engineering Day, where our talented engineers will share their experiences and work. Through these interviews we hope to show the importance of engineering and motivate aspiring engineers to pursue their goals.

Follow along for the next few days to hear from Nina Shea, Gagandeep Jadhav and our Director Chris Arkins.