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World Engineering Day: Gagandeep

Gagandeep Jadhav is a recent graduate engineer who joined our team at Steensen Varming’s Sydney studio six months ago. This is his first experience of working within the field but in this short time, Gagandeep has quickly established himself as an integral member of our team, bringing a fresh perspective and a deep passion for sustainable engineering to every project he works on.

Gagandeep comes from an architectural background but was drawn to sustainable engineering as the field offers the opportunity to tackle some of the most pressing and complex challenges humanity is facing today. Climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion are just a few examples of the issues that require innovative, interdisciplinary solutions drawing on the latest scientific, technological, and social insights. As a sustainability engineer, Gagandeep is driven to devise holistic approaches that consider environmental, social, and economic factors and seeks to balance them in a way that is equitable and sustainable over the long term. 

Gagandeep’s favorite part about his job is the possibility to create positive change in the world through his work. He embraces the challenges that come with his role and finds enjoyment in coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

When asked about his experiences as a recent graduate and what advice he would give to someone considering a career in engineering, Gagandeep emphasizes the importance of passion for the field. He believes that a lack of interest can lead to a lack of fulfilment, but for those who are passionate about engineering, it can be a highly rewarding and satisfying career. He himself finds fulfilment in knowing that he is an active part of something that can create a positive impact on a lot of lives. 

Gagandeep has found a supportive community at Steensen Varming, with coworkers who eagerly share knowledge and expertise, offer support, and provide valuable insights. He values the opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally and is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in his career.