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90 Years of Looking Forward: Niels Bohr Institute

Steensen Varming has a history of innovation and industry firsts that spans over 90 years –

One of Steensen Varming’s founders, Jørgen Varming, once stated that he considered two people the main contributors to the company’s early success but one of them was his acquaintance, Niels Bohr, Professor of Theoretical Physics and Nobel Prize winner.

Shortly after our foundation 90 years ago, Steensen Varming started working with Niels Bohr to further develop the Niels Bohr Institute, as his fast-developing science required constant equipment and facility updates to his institute. Working with and for Niels Bohr had a significant impact on the company and resulted in precious know-how and many subsequent scientific research facilities commissions. Among these are the Nuclear Research Establishment Risø, European Space Research Centre in Holland, Niels Bohr Institute Annex and many more.

At Steensen Varming’s 50th Anniversary in 1983, Jørgen Varming described the early years of the company in the thirties as the greatest source of inspiration to our profession, being fuelled by frequent association and even the rare combat with clients and architects. At the time Jørgen Varming believed working together with Professor Niels Bohr designing the Niels Bohr Institute had the most significant impact on the development of the company, throughout the 50 years that had passed to the time of his speech. Now, 90 years after Steensen and Varming first began their work on the Niels Bohr Institute, Jørgen’s words back in 1983 keep true with this commission being a pillar which we’ve continued and will continue to build upon in years to come.