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Valuing Architecture

Steensen Varming is sponsoring the ‘Valuing Architecture’ visiting programme by the Danish Agency of Culture which on Monday 18 August will be welcoming eight Australian guests in Copenhagen, representing the academic and practicing as well as the governmental levels of architecture.

The programme is a follow-up on the Opera House 40th Anniversary celebrations with the purpose of strengthening the exchange of ideas, methods and theories concerning architecture as well as to inspire to future partnerships between practices in Denmark and Australia.

CEO Dan Mackenzie noted the importance of retaining the cultural and professional links between the two countries that began with Jørn Utzon’s visionary design of the Opera House, also leading to Steensen Varming’s establishment in Australia: “The Opera House is an example of a truly innovative result enabled through collaboration across disciplines and continents. As this is as important in our work today as then, we support initiatives that promote this way of thinking, such as MADE, the Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange programme. Valuing Architecture will similarly address how value is created in this interaction, looking towards the design of our future cities and the shared values they are developed on.”

The visiting programme will include an architecture symposium held by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and a visit to the heritage listed Varming Villa, designed by the company’s founder Jørgen Varming where Steensen Varming are currently engaged by Realdania on the sensitive and seamless integration of updated mechanical systems.

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