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To the Moon, Stars and Infinity

Once again, VIVID has turned Sydney into one of the world’s largest outdoor spectacles submerging the City in light, music and ideas.

Two of Steensen Varming’s lighting designers have also participated in VIVID 2015: Associate and Lighting Designer Emrah Baki Ulas is exhibiting two works this year. His contributions include Ayla, a serene image of the moon projected on a giant scale and surrounded by an ecliptical halo of light. The installation is named after Emrah’s daughter, Ayla, meaning “halo of light around the moon”.

Emrah’s second installation is the space-themed A Light Year Ahead, inspired by the UNESCO 2015 International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. The work simulates the sensation of space travel through moving spatial high-definition images, a mirrored floor and ceiling, and screen walls lit by projections with a futuristic soundscape adding to the experience.

A new member of our lighting team, Erin Slaviero, is also taking part in this year’s event with a collaborative project Kaleidoscope, a unique colourful installation that creates portals of infinite space by manipulating perspective with light and mirrors, merging the ideas of an infinity mirror and an infinity room. The viewer is taken on a journey through a never-ending space in which the deepness of space is shown in the direction of fading light.

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