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Shortlisted for Realdania’s Healthy Housing project

In a team with Vandkunsten Architects our Copenhagen studio has been shortlisted for the project competition titled ’Healthy Housing’, involving three experimental single-familiy houses focusing on innovation in climate control in the town of Holstebro.

The competition by Realdania Byg is part of the initiative ”A Good Indoor Environment” under the ”Innovation in Construction” programme and the three houses will be developed to demonstrate innovation and new approaches to improved indoor environment in each their different way.

As a 1:1 demonstration project it will connect research and practice, investigating the ways to create better environments through building materials, methodology and technology based on the theory that recent years’ focus on energy and the environment may have impacted negatively on the health and comfort of building users. The project will demonstrate how the indoor environment can be improved without compromising on energy and without expensive additional costs. It will also shift the focus from inappropriate user behavior to the need for better designed buildings.

The results will establish new knowledge to a buildable reality in a broad sense – in new and existing buildings. Following construction the houses will be let out to ‘test families’ for a period where indoor air quality will be monitored.

The project is well aligned with the expertise and experience of our team as well as our vision of creating integrated, positive environments that are healthy and comfortable, contributing to future research and innovation.

Shortlisted among five teams, during the competition phase we will be preparing a response, describing the holistic and functional as well as economically viable ideas for an improved indoor climate with a primary focus on innovative initiatives for ventilation, building physics, moisture and degassing.

Steensen Varming has previously completed a project for Realdania Byg with a focus on improved climate control and sustainability, restoring the Varming House, a compelling space of modern Danish architecture designed by our founder, Jørgen Varming with the architects Eva and Nils Koppel.

Photo: Arkitema Architects

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