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Reflecting on Our Journey with the British Museum

Our collaboration with the British Museum since 2021 has been an incredible journey at Steensen Varming. Together, we have undertaken a variety of projects from engineering strategies to lighting design and sustainability initiatives, each one deepening our appreciation for this cultural institution and enabling mutual learning and growth.

Since our appointment by the British Museum, we have immersed ourselves in its world, delving into its history and infrastructure. Equally importantly, we have built connections with the people who uphold the museum’s operations, shaping our approach through close collaboration to ensure alignment with its vision.

Working with the Museum on various projects, we remain committed to sustainability, as exemplified through our work on the Energy Centre Programme, proposing innovative solutions like air-source and water-source heat pumps. We assist in preparing the Museum for the future through projects like the Western Range development feasibility studies and sustainability strategies. We apply our expertise in lighting design to enhance and preserve the display, the museum’s unique architecture and the visitor experience.

Above all, we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something exceptional. At Steensen Varming, we operate on deeply rooted principles of human connection, unity, and fostering long-lasting connections. We don’t think of ourselves as mere consultants, but as partners, and we are privileged to play a role in maintaining the brilliance of this iconic institution for the future.

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