Shore School Chapel

Steensen Varming was engaged to upgrade and re-design the lighting to the school’s heritage chapel with the aim to improve the efficiency and colour quality of the lighitng, to compliment the heritage fabric of the building, achieve comfortable reading conditions and create focus to the pulpit/podium and stain glass windows.

The aspiration of the scheme was to reveal the qualities of the building at its best, and support the atmosphere of the space for various uses. To achieve these objectives lighting is designed to be discrete whilst highlight the sacred elements and building features seamlessly. The polished timber altar, the flags, the Reredos Relic stone bass relief sculpture, intricate sculptural details on the plaster column base and the ornate pipe organ were some of the valuable visual treasures within the Chapel.

Light is used as a narrative tool to support the functions and connect to the patrons. Every scene is sympathetic to the relevant event and responds in a meaningful sense, unveiling and transformingthe chapel to suit the various proceedings and ceremonies at the chapel. The quality and intensity of light is selected and adjusted with care to enhance the space and instill the right mood.

Design of the lighting in the Chapel respects the power of darkness. A great example of this, is the ‘Dramatic Reading’ scene. A personal favourite of the school headmaster, this scene is an example of how light transforms the space, where the central focus of the chapel shifts on the reader at a beautifully crafted timber lectern desk with a subtle highlight to the Reredos Relic stone bass relief sculpture and column bases creating a dramatic sense of presence in the solemn chapel.