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Presentation to the Association of Danish Window Manufacturers

On 10 April Steensen Varming’s Jørgen Schultz will be giving a presentation at the Danish Window Manufacturers’ annual meeting in Herning. Based on a project report recently completed for the Danish Energy Agency, the presentation will address building code requirements and certification of windows in Denmark, neighbouring countries and export markets.

Steensen Varming’s report found that the existing code requirements, calculating a window energy balance based on heat loss and solar heat gain are driving the development in the right direction. However, this value could benefit from an additional requirement to minimum inner surface temperature of the frame and frame structure.

Jørgen will also present recommendations on requirements in the Danish building code revision in 2015 and in this context how windows should be developed to create better comfort and energy efficiency while having slimmer frames for more attractive architecture, in particular in refurbishments of older and heritage buildings where original windows have been single glazed.

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