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Eucalyptus Free Air CarbonDioxide Enrichment (EuFACE) Experiment

University of Western Sydney researchers are studying how higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations and temperatures can affect native woodlands and ecosystems.  The EucFACE facility is the first experiment in the world to study a native forest. Designed with minimal impact on the ecosystem, a ‘laboratory’ of six arrays, supplies CO2 at elevated levels, mimicking predicted future atmospheric concentration. The facility will host international researchers over the next decade, helping us understand and react to the effects of climate change, ahead of time.


Integrating science, structure and services, Steensen Varming designed the infrastructure that maintains accurate conditions for the experiment.  Every day 70-100t of liquid CO2 are delivered, stored, vaporised and released through the six arrays of 30 perforated vent pipes, 25m in diameter and 28m high. A sophisticated control system monitors wind speed and direction and adjusts the CO2 supply with pneumatic butterfly valves.