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Diksha Vijapur is accepted into 500 Women in Property, Australia

“500 Women in Property”, a campaign by Property Council of Australia, is aimed at supporting and promoting women in the property and construction industry. The initiative was launched in Australia in 2017 and seeks to identify and showcase 500 women across the country who act as mentors and role models for other women in the industry. The campaign also seeks to create networking opportunities and encourage more women to enter and advance in the industry.

This campaign is part of a broader effort to foster a more diverse and inclusive industry that offers equal opportunities for women to thrive and succeed. Steensen Varming is proud to sponsor one of our team members, Diksha Vijapur, who has been accepted into the program this year.

Diksha has been with Steensen Varming since 2008, where she started as a graduate engineer and advanced to her current position as a Senior Sustainability Consultant. In addition to her professional achievements, she is also pursuing a PhD focused on designing learning environments, which she can integrate with her work at Steensen Varming on projects that centre around schools. She is passionate about implementing the findings from her research to create more effective and sustainable learning spaces.

Diksha is excited about participating in the “500 Women in Property” campaign as an opportunity to gain new insights and collaborate with other women in the industry. With her wide range of experience and interests, she is eager to expand her network across different sectors that align with her various passions.

As someone who could see herself in a leadership role in the future, Diksha recognizes the need to continuously develop her leadership skills. She believes the campaign is an ideal steppingstone to achieve this goal. By participating in the program, she hopes to gain the knowledge and skills required to carry out the responsibilities that come with a leadership position in the industry.