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90 Years of Looking Forward: Aarhus City Hall

In the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, stands the Aarhus City Hall, a stunning masterpiece of functionalist architecture. The buildings striking design is the result of a fierce competition to secure the contract for its construction, won by the visionary architect Arne Jacobsen.

Jacobsen’s determination to win the bid was evident in his phone call to Jørgen Varming, where he demanded that Varming secure the vote of an engineer to the jury. Jacobsen‘s persistence paid off, and he was awarded the contract to design the new city hall.

The resulting building is a triumph of functional design, with every element carefully considered and optimized for both form and function. As with all of Arne Jacobsen‘s work, the buildings aesthetic is marked by clean lines, geometric shapes, and an emphasis on simplicity and functionality.

Our team had the privilege of providing civil, structural and mechanical building services for this classic work of architecture. Every detail, from the concealed conduits conforming to strict ordering principles to the timber cladding allowing for light and air transmission, was intentionally designed for optimal functionality and aesthetics. This attention to detail has made Aarhus City Hall a timeless masterpiece of Danish architecture.

Aarhus City Hall is now both the administrative centre of Aarhus and a popular venue for cultural events and exhibitions. Its legacy as an architectural and cultural landmark is a testament to Arne Jacobsen’s vision and determination to secure the contract, ensuring his iconic design will inspire for generations.