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90 Years of Looking Forward: Herlev Hospital

Healthcare has always been an important focus of our work, today and in the past.

While our international expansion in the mid-60s was growing more rapidly than ever before, Steensen Varming always stayed well connected to the Danish roots.  In 1965, construction of Herlev Hospital in Copenhagen commenced, a project that came to span over a decade. Steensen Varming played a pivotal role providing planning and briefing advice during the early stages with expertise extending to design documentation, contract administration and site supervision ensuring flawless execution of mechanical, hydraulic, fire protection, communication and control systems.

Herlev Hospital is more than a testament to innovative engineering solutions and functional design. It stands tall as the largest building in Denmark to date and holds the distinction of being the largest site-specific artwork in the country, earning the nickname “Polychrome Hospital”. This vibrant concept was brought to life by the artist Poul Gernes, who meticulously coloured every surface, handle, and door frame across 150.000 square meters. In this carefully curated space, constructive colour properties and strategic placement combine to foster an atmosphere of positivity, encouraging a sense of wellbeing and aiding in patients’ recovery.

Herlev Hospital is a true symbol of innovation and artistic expression, a testament to the collaboration between Steensen Varming and the talented individuals who brought this vision to life. We take great pride in our contributions to this architectural masterpiece, knowing that our expertise has helped shape a healthcare facility that goes beyond functional design.

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