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World Engineering Day: Chris

Today, in celebration of Engineering Day, we are pleased to introduce Chris Arkins, our esteemed Director who is based in Sydney with active involvement in all our global studios. With over three decades of experience in the field, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge that he enthusiastically shares with our team. 
Chris discovered Steensen Varming early on in his engineering career, as an undergraduate in his final year of study. Although he has since diversified his experience, he has always remained connected to our company. Chris reflects on his time with Steensen Varming in the 2000s, specifically the inspiring focus on sustainability our company embodied during that era. Sustainable engineering solutions have become essential and increasingly demanded in the recent years, however, 20 years ago, this was not necessarily the norm in the industry at large. 
Chris first started practicing mechanical engineering, but over the years has developed a diverse set of skills that allow him to contribute to sustainability-focused projects from a technical and mechanical standpoint, and in this he ultimately found his niche. He takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge and expertise both within and outside of the Steensen Varming community, and as he has grown in the industry, he finds enjoyment in teaching others and engaging in activities that allow him to share his experience and expertise with those newer to our company and the industry.  
Chris is determined in delivering on the company’s promises as they align with his own ethos of always striving for the best possible outcomes. He emphasizes the significance of good and sustainable long-term design solutions, stating that Steensen Varming continually strives to work on the best projects with the best clients.  
Recently, Steensen Varming achieved a B Corporation certification, a testament to our company’s adherence to high standards of social and environmental performance. When asked about the certification’s relevance to the company’s plans, Chris stresses the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical responsibility, and social accountability. He notes the B Corporation certification serves as a tool to hold ourselves accountable while demonstrating to others in the industry that we are genuinely who we say we are.  
Chris has been with the company for both the 70th and 80th anniversaries and when asked about the company’s upcoming plans in relation to this year being the company’s 90th anniversary, he is happy to see the milestone celebrated globally throughout the year with events in our different locations. He believes these celebrations will strengthen the bond among our studios, allowing them to celebrate together and ensuring everyone feels included in honoring our collective achievements over the years. Chris concludes by expressing excitement about reaching the company’s 100-year milestone. Having experienced and celebrated three significant anniversaries already, he feels the 100th anniversary will arrive soon enough and is eager to see what challenges and opportunities are awaiting to be revealed in the coming years.