Hello Robot Vitra Exhibition

Steensen Varming developed the exhibition lighting for the Vitra Hello Robot temporary exhibition displayed at the V&A Dundee. Working closely with the exhibition designers, it is a balance between Vitras vision of the exhibition as a design, and the desire of the V&A to develop a unique experience for the exhibition.

“Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine” comprising of more than 200 exhibits from the fields of design and art, and includes robots used in the home, in nursing care, and in industry as well as computer games, media installations, and examples of films and literature in which robots feature.

Lighting is integral to the surrounding architecture structure that defines the different galleries within the exhibition and their individual moods, playing with the concept of the relationship between the robots and humans transforming from objects to having emotions and integrating with society. Being the 3rd exhibition in the new temporary exhibition space of V&A Dundee posed teething issues with the gallery design, making installation and commissioning challenging, together with being limited to location and placement of luminaires.