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Lighting Design

Light is a fundamental part of life and a powerful means of communication. We intuitively perceive and experience our world through light. It influences our wellbeing, it reaches our emotions, it inspires us. Our passion for light comes from the understanding of its deep connection to being. To realise and share a vision in any context, whether in landscape, in the built environment or in art, the role of light is essential.

For total communication, lighting design needs to embrace not only light sources but also their interaction with volumes and surfaces; to reveal forms, textures and colours. Balancing inspiration and expertise, we are dedicated to improving the understanding, appreciation and design of our visual and built environment.

Our lighting design philosophy is driven by creativity and collaboration, and backed by experience and learning. We are actively involved in the industry and research, expanding our knowledge, teaching, speaking and participating. Our progressive and dynamic methodology is constantly evolving, enabling progressive design solutions across a wide spectrum of lighting services.