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International Women’s Day: Katrín

In continuing the International Women’s Day celebration and acknowledging Women’s History Month, we introduce Katrín who has been with Steensen Varming for a year as a Digital Designer.

Katrín tells us that she has always been interested in art and diverse ways of expression. Her mother nurtured this interest in her by helping her find various creative outlets from an early age. Katrin’s educational background is in fine arts and photography which she later expanded into graphic design, marketing, and communication and finally a degree in digital concept development.

Reflecting on her past, Katrín remarks, “When I was younger, I saw myself becoming an artist in a traditional sense. I do consider myself an artist in certain respects today, but my journey has led me down a path I would not have guessed a few years ago.” 

When asked about inspiring women in her life Katrín looks up to the women in her family and tells us about their support and pride in her accomplishments despite her life choices being vastly different from theirs, and says it is important to her to show the same support and enthusiasm to the young girls and women in her life. Katrín continues to mention the support system at the workplace, especially during her first months at the company. She says the women on her team always have each other’s backs and have actively helped in creating opportunities for her positive professional and personal development.

In the time Katrín has been with Steensen Varming, she consistently contrbutes by offering a fresh perspective and a keen eye for design and, is looking forward to continuing her work and bringing on new ways of expressing the Steensen Varming brand to both internal and external parties.

During our conversation we asked Katrín what advice she would give to young women embarking on their careers. Katrín emphasized it is acceptable to not have a clear-cut plan and not to view uncertainty as a hurdle to overcome. She shared her own experience of feeling pressure to have everything in order but, in hindsight, recognized the significance of the journey that has led her to where she is today. Katrín concluded by reiterating the importance of supporting younger women and limiting judgement of individual choices, acknowledging that such support can alleviate the pressure that many women encounter when making big life decisions.