1933 2023

Creating Positive Environments Since 1933

We are practitioners in mechanical and electrical engineering, lighting and sustainable designs that enhance spatial design

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering design is more than componentry, it is the knowledge of the fundamental principles of physics and the ability to apply these imaginatively. We consider the holistic requirements and priorities, applying mechanical engineering solutions that create comfortable buildings.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design focuses on creating comfortable environments without increasing environmental deficit. It is a way of thinking that embraces simple, appropriate solutions to complex problems. It is about efficient design, not over-design, specifying systems that complement one another, using less material but in the right place, utilising the waste of one process to fuel another.

Lighting Design

We intuitively perceive and experience our world through light. It influences our wellbeing, it reaches our emotions, it inspires us. To realise and share a vision in any context, whether in landscape, in the built environment or in art, the role of light is essential. Balancing inspiration and expertise, we are dedicated to improving the understanding, appreciation and design of our visual and built environment.

Electrical Engineering

Society could not exist without the control and distribution of electrical power and communications. Electrical services are its arteries and veins - critical to the smooth operation of a contemporary building and its business.

A Global Team with One Studio Approach

We developed through working with Arne Jacobsen, Basil Spence, James Stirling, and other masters of twentieth century architecture, none of whom let geographies restrict their horizons. We remain inspired by our Danish heritage while working with visionary architects and clients, wherever their location. Being global means more than expansion or having a physical presence in different countries – it is a way of thinking 

Latest News

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal

Steensen Varming is privileged to have worked with ARM Architecture, providing Mechanical and Electrical services, on the upgrade of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall,

Nautical Museum, Isle of Man

Steensen Varming is excited to be working on this iconic historic project at Nautical Museum in Castletown with Fraser Randall alongside the prestigious project teams

90 Years of Looking Forward: The 30s

At Steensen Varming we have always been looking forward, pushing our projects and ourselves to do, and be better, while being mindful of the past

Seasons Greetings

We have always been ‘Looking Forward’ at Steensen Varming, pushing our projects and ourselves to do, and be, better. The integrity of what we do

We are a Certified B Corporation

We focus eco-centric rather than ego-centric principles in improving physiology, functionality and environmental performance as essential, positive elements of architecture, human experience and the wider built environment. We are committed to creating ‘positive environments’, and continuously improving our practices to the benefit of the local and global environment and communities.

Global Opportunities

We employ people in five different countries on four continents, working from a unique one-studio approach, where studios tap into the skill base of local talent and all employees work and contribute with their combined global expertise on projects, but with personal service and essential local knowledge.

We are always looking for creative, proactive people who thrive in a global culture and environment to join our team.

“If a building becomes architecture, then it is art. Clearly if a building is not functionally and technically in order, then it isn’t architecture either, it’s just a building.”
- Arne Jacobsen