Varming’s House

Iconic architecture and unusual engineering is characteristic for the yellow brick house north of Copenhagen designed by Steensen Varming’s founder, Jørgen Varming in collaboration with the architects Niels and Eva Koppel in 1952.

The house is a unique example of the modernist development for Danish family homes as well as exceptional engineering, featuring a six metre-wide glass façade that can be raised all the way up, a hot air heating system via an underfloor duct system and Denmark’s first extractor hood.

The heritage listed house was bought by Realdania in 2013 and underwent an extensive renovation by Steensen Varming in collaboration with architect Kent Pedersen. The original innovative air heating concept was retained using a bespoke control system designed by Steensen Varming and the renovation of windows and re-insulation was calculated to save operation costs by 50 percent.