Steensen Varming Proudly Sponsor MADE

Steensen Varming proudly sponsor MADE, the Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange by Sydney Opera House.

Honouring the 40th Anniversary of the Opera House and the special relations between Australia and Denmark, the programme promotes international and cross-disciplinary interaction between students of engineering, architecture and design (of the built environment). As well as offering a valuable educational and cultural experiencefor Australian and Danish students, the program will strengthen the cultural and professional links between the two countries that began with Jørn Utzon’s visionary design of the Opera House.

The curriculum will include placement at various engineering and/or architecture firms, including Henning Larsen Architects, to work in a collaborative team on a multidisciplinary project, visit to a performing arts or cultural centre, visit to other significant works of architecture, including works by Jørn Utzon and completion of a collaborative multidisciplinary project designed around the Utzon Design Principles.

Sydney Opera House brought Steensen Varming to Australia and we have been involved in its systems design and maintenance since. We have always held a fundamental belief that a strong vision, supported through an integrated design process, is the key to intelligent, valuable and elegant solutions. Our support of MADE aims to encourage collaborative processes and behaviours, not only in the students themselves, but also in academia and professional practices.

Applications are open until 1 October 2013. The successful Australian applicants will be announced on 25 October 2013, as part of the Opera House 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

Further details on MADE and applications

Steensen Varming’s new identity.

For the anniversary of the company we created a redesign that builds on our Danish Modern heritage. The photographic simplicity and detailed typeface combine with the grid and colour system to create a sharp, simple and contemporary corporate identity. The colour system manifests in a circle, a representation of Reyner Banham’s seminal work ‘Architecture of the Well Tempered Environment’ that Steensen Varming reprinted as part of an ongoing commitment to the education and collaboration of engineers and architects. Each colour represents our key disciplines: mechanical engineering, lighting design, sustainable design, electrical engineering and a combination of these, building services. It also draws on the use of colour in built systems, and the now ancient practice of colouring the edge bind of paper drawing sets.

The Steensen Varming custom fonts are an integral part of the rebrand – from the letters that appear in the logotype, to the text you are reading on this website – that ensure a distinct typographic identity and consistent company image. Design details such as the ‘chiselled corners’ and the ‘sharp bends’ of the letterforms reference the detailed world of Steensen Varming and establish a unique look without compromising legibility, even in small point sizes.

The identity was created by Søren Varming of Punktum Design, grandson of our founder Jørgen Varming, in association with Henrik Kubel of A2-TYPE for the Varming typeface.

Steensen Varming celebrate 80 years.

Steensen Varming was founded by Niels Steensen and Jørgen Varming in
Copenhagen in 1933. Not long after the war ended, the Dublin office
opened followed by Edinburgh and London – all preceded by prestigious
commissions with competition-winning architects. The Sydney Opera
House commission with Jørgen Utzon continued this pattern and the
Sydney practice opened in 1973, and this year shares its 40th anniversary
with the Sydney Opera House.

In commemoration, Steensen Varming in association with the Sydney
Opera House, are supporting MADE, a multidisciplinary Australian-Danish
student exchange program that aims to promote disciplinary interaction
between engineering, architecture and design students. Later in the year
we will also be part of an exhibition of Danish Design Environments, to be
held at the Opera House.

To mark the occasion, on Thursday the 5th September, Steensen Varming will celebrate at the Concert Hall Northern Foyers. Our valued clients, inspirational architects and dedicated staff will be addressed by Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron, followed by Søren Varming and Tobias Jacobsen, grandsons of Jørgen Varming and Arne Jacobsen – key figures in the development of our way of thinking.

See photos of the event.

A Way of Thinking

This book is not all about us. It is about inspirational architects and brave clients. Our reputation, as one of the most respected and awarded building services consultancies, is built on their foundations – and our way of thinking.